How to Join

Castlewood Re-enactment guild is currently accepting applications for membership.

Prospective members must participate as guests of the guild for at least two full faires before they can be considered for membership. Once the guesting period is over, the individual may request an application. Approval of new members is subject to the vote of the guildmasters.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A COSTUME YET!!! If you don't own something appropriate we can probably arrange for you to borrow an outfit. As with most guilds, Castlewood has specific costuming guidelines and should you join we will discuss the appropriate clothing for your character.

Guests must be sponsored by an existing member who is responsible for their conduct at faire. If you do not know any of our guild but are interested in becoming a member, one of the guildmasters may act as your sponsor.

If you would like to come to an event with us, please contact us at least 4 weeks prior to the event so that necessary arrangements can be made.