Guest Info

Here is some basic information on what to expect.

You will need:

-a costume (we have loaners which we are happy to provide but you will need to let us know your size)


-2 gallons of H2O per adult

-photo ID

-Camping gear, ie. sleeping bag, tent, toiletries etc. (note: not all locations have showers)

-$40: the guild cooks breakfast, lunch & dinner Saturday and breakfast & lunch Sunday (let us know in advance if you have any allergies or special requirements)

General Schedule:

Our guild arrives at a faire site Friday afternoon or evening to set up the props and tents. This is a process which takes several hours and everyone's help is appreciated.

When you arrive, ask security or a guild member where check-in is located. They will ask which guild you are with, check your ID and give you a wristband and parking pass. They will also tell you where to park and where actors' camp is located. Once you have set up your personal gear (tent, etc.) come find the guild-site to help with set up.

Breakfast usually starts around 7:30 a.m. and runs till around 9:30. You must be in the guildyard in your costume by 9 a.m. for morning notes. In our guild, everyone helps with the basic chores of cooking and cleanup. A sign up sheet will be passed around Saturday morning and you will choose your duties for the weekend (first come, first served, so try to arrive early). Lunch times will be announced at notes and dinner is generally an hour after faire closes.

On Sunday, please plan on having your personal gear packed before the end of faire. Once faire closes, everyone participates in tear-down and loading the trailer (typically about 1-2 hours).

On Sunday night many members will go out to pizza after tear down. This is not covered with the usual food budget.

General notes:

-Faire should be a positive and welcoming environment, please keep your behavior within these bounds.

-The GM's and site Security staff - if they tell you something just do it. Trust me on this.

-GM's may restrict drinking at their discretion for safety considerations.

-There will be a selection of nibbles and fluid available all day, please eat regularly and drink more water than you normally would.

-All guild members and guests are required to obey all state and federal laws.