Required viewing

Watch all of these:

Plus At Least 3 Of The Following:

Queen Margot (1994) Pay attention to the politics of religious tensions in the period. Also note the attitudes of the courtiers; this was one of the most licentious courts of the period!

Romeo and Juliet (1968) Beautifully authentic detail across the board. Pay attention to language

Mad Love (2001) this is Catherine of Aragon's sister, It also deals with how Spain came under a single ruler.

Hamlet (1996) pay attention to language, you may choose the Mel Gibson version instead, it has a more period setting but has been abbreviated (and I find it to be duller)

the Virgin Queen (2005) Good history with a wider scope than that of "Elizabeth I" mediocre garb. Pay attention to who's at court/ involved

the Taming of the Shrew (1967) pay attention to language. Notice gender roles. NOT A PC FILM!

Dangerous Beauty (1998) Fun story about a Venetian Courtesan. Pay attention to the roles of women, the political and strategic importance of Venice.

Merchant of Venice (2004) pay attention to language and the treatment of non Christian minorities and women NOT A PC FILM!

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) St. Francis of Assisi, Not 100% accurate but it gives a good feel.

Shakespeare in Love (1998) Just for fun. Pay attention to the theatre, it is one of the principal entertainments of the period