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Covering; Henry VII, Edward VI, Jane Grey, Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, James I including dates of reign, parentage, children, and basis of their claim to the English throne.


Of the Montague family including all current cast members and how they are related, as well as history and origins of the family. Also the principal noble families of England and all the major international players (i.e. popes, monarchs, and suitors for Elizabeth's hand)


Household structure, social structure, forms of address for both noble and non-noble people.


The popes for our period as well as the major reformers and their beliefs and power bases. Structure of the rosary.

Required Classes

Take at least 2 acting/interaction workshops

"Comparative Elizabethan Religion"

"Saints and Friends of god"

Practical Demonstration

Demonstrate the "our father" and "hail Mary" in Latin using your period rosary

Make period shirt/chemise

Patron saint

Perform period songs/dances

Write a description of your trade including responsibilities, tools and materials etc. to add to your character bio.