Journeyman Assignments

HISTORY - read Henry VII, Edward VI, Jane Grey -read all -browse through -Read "Mary -Try the Tudor trophy challenge!

- Study up, you should know this well - Read Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and other despicable places - Look at the genealogical info for our family (click the crest) see if you can track down all the nobles in the guild.

- note who's related to whom among the major families

- just in case you were wondering about the rest of europe

- Be able to identify where the Montague family seat is located

RELIGION -Read "Comparative religion, the Catholics" -Learn the rosary in Latin with written and vocal renditions.

-Learn the structure of the rosary in English or Latin

Make or buy a rosary appropriate for your character

Attend the Renaissance Symposium classes, -"Comparative Elizabethan Religion" &

- "Saints and Friends of god" -Know who the pope is for our periods


Make a shirt/ chemise using the pattern or instructions from phase 1

(May be hand or machine sewn) -Read "Colors for lower class Elizabethan clothing"&

- "Color in Elizabethan Dress"

CHARACTER - Research your role or position

- Begin learning your trade -this is the time to get online and start finding your own sources -read " Language: Idiomatic Idiosyncrasies , More Language , Still More Language, Forms of Address for Non-Nobles, Proverbs & Wise Sayings

Take workshops for language/ speech

- Learn at least 2 songs or dances (an instrument is ok if you don’t sing)

ETTIQUITE -Serving, advanced repast and court. To Set a Fine Table, At the Sideboard: A Jack and a Gill Dinner at Cowdray House, 1595 -understand the workings of the lower classes/ household, read the following: Services and Occupations, More Services and Occupations, Forms of Address for Non-Nobles, Paying the Servants, Staffing a Great Household, The Steward and His Office, The Steward in Matters Domestical, Masters & Servants, Household Management -understand the social structure, read the following: Patronage: Retinue, Companions, & Livery , Greasing the Wheels, Ranks & Files, - Learn how to address a noble, read the following: Titles and Forms of Address, Precedence, Preferment, & Attainder,

-Take symposium courses for interaction/acting development