Apprentice Level

These are the things we expect you to know within your first year or membership, links to assignments are at the bottom of this page


Henry VIII

- Dates of reign

- Wives, in chronological order

Mary I

- Dates of reign

- Parentage

Elizabeth I

- Dates of reign

- Parentage

Geography of Britain

England's main Enemies


Know what the 16th century European religious options are


Create and assemble a basic costume concept


- Choose a 16th century name

- Choose a role or position

- Relate it to the Somerset Household with a basic back-story, i.e. why are you with us?

- Create a catch phrase for your character

- Master VBFA (very basic faire accent)

- Create at least 2 standard gigs for front gate or street gigging


-Basic patron interaction


-When to bow, how and to whom

-How to address a noble