Costuming Supplies

This is a list of resources, not all items are appropriate. Please check with Mercina before buying ANYTHING

With thanks to the Elizabethan Costuming Group on Facebook for many suggestions and comments.


Woodsholme- if you just want someone else to make the costume for you.

Medieval Design a variety of beautifully made outfits or individual pieces

Peggy's Necessities- sundrie apparel for soldiers and goodwives of the middling sort


Renaissance Tailor- ready made ruffs


Sally Pointer

knit period caps

historic enterprises

Karl Robinson Leather worker


*Westland Mary Rose Shoe carried by Garb the World

*Westland Shoes carried by Reconstructing History- $70.00

*Elizabethan Block Shoes- $79.95

*Slashed Shoe- $79.95

*Pilgrim Shoes (UK)

Slip On or Slashed Slip On $79-85.00

Late 16th Century/Tudor Latchet- $79-85.00

*Burnley & Trowbridge 17th Century Shoe- $115.00.

*Armlann (Made to order)-

Simple Round Toe-$130.00


Hybrid Latchet- $155.00


Tudor Tailor (etsy)

knitting patterns for period caps

the burn test chart

Reconstructing History

Tudor Costume, Free how to guides for patterning and period HAND sewn assembly



Wm Booth Draper. and

Renaissance Fabrics

Gray Line Linen. The quality is awesome and the weave is very smooth, very few slubs. Handkerchief linen is top quality! is OK for the heavier linens, still have lots of slubs, but I find their handkerchief linen to be woven too loosely to be good for smocks and other underlinens that come under strain.

Dharma Trading Company - 3.8oz linen is suitable for smocks, shirts, & caps, it's much smoother than's of similar weight


Renaissance Fabrics

Pure Silks Pure silks is the outlet website for a silk mill in India. Quality is really good, shipping is amazingly fast. I love their organzas.

Dharma Trading Company - Perfect silk organza for partlets & fancy goods


Wm Booth Draper. and

Renaissance Fabrics

Fabric-Mart Fabrics Really good quality wools, and usually a good sale once a quarter or so.


Renaissance Fabrics Has a good selection of cottons and other fabrics as well.

SyFabrics cotton velvets and velveteens.

Other interesting stuff

J Hendersons Artifacts pottery

Mainly Medieval gaming pieces