Countess Worcester


(c.1529-March 20, 1564/5)

The daughter of Edward North, 1st baron North (1496-December 31, 1564) and Alice Squire (c.1500-1560).

She married William Somerset, 3rd earl of Worcester (1527-February 21, 1589) on January 29, 1549/50.

Their children were

Edward (1553-March 3, 1628)


Lucy (c.1554-January 18, 1603/4)

Lady Worcester was at court in 1558/9.

According to All the Queen’s Women: The Changing Place and Perception of Aristocratic Women in Elizabethan England 1558-1620 (1987) by Joan Barbara Greenbaum Goldsmith, Christian separated from her husband during the 1560s. In November 1563 their estrangement came to the attention of Queen Elizabeth and the separation was formalized in December. Worcester was to pay his wife £100/year and, after his mother’s death, £333 6s.8d. In the event, however, his mother outlived Christian.