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Required viewing

Watch all of these:

 Queen Margot (1994) Pay attention to the politics of religious tensions in the period.  Also note the attitudes of the courtiers; this was one of the most licentious courts of the period!

Mad Love (2001) this is Catherine of Aragon's sister, It also deals with how Spain came under a single ruler.

the Virgin Queen (2005) Good history with a wider scope than that of "Elizabeth I" mediocre garb. Pay attention to who's at court/ involved

Dangerous Beauty (1998) Fun story about a Venetian Courtesan. Pay attention to the roles of women, the political and strategic importance of Venice.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) St. Francis of Assisi, Not 100% accurate but it gives a good feel.

 Shakespeare in Love (1998) Just for fun. Pay attention to the theatre, it is one of the principal entertainments of the period

Plus At Least 3 Of The Following:

Romeo and Juliet (1968) Beautifully authentic detail across the board. Pay attention to language

Hamlet (1996) pay attention to language, you may choose the Mel Gibson version instead, it has a more period setting but has been abbreviated (and I find it to be duller)

the Taming of the Shrew (1967) pay attention to language. Notice gender roles. NOT A PC FILM!


Merchant of Venice (2004) pay attention to language and the treatment of non Christian minorities and women NOT A PC FILM!