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Elizabeth Somerset, Countess Worcester

Elizabeth Browne was born before 1506. She was the daughter of Lucy Neville and Sir Anthony Browne , a trusted courtier at the court of Henry VIII. She married Sir Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester, son of Sir Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester and Elizabeth Herbert, Baroness Herbert, before 1527. She died between 20 April 1565 and 23 October 1565. She was buried at Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales. Her will (dated 20 April 1565) was probated on 23 October 1565.

Elizabeth was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn and, in 1536, was the main informant against her mistress. In some reports of this time, Elizabeth is described as a 'former mistress of the King's.  She was a lady with considerable force of personality; on one occasion one of the ambassadors to Henry's court described a rather public altercation between herself and her brother.  Apparently taking her to task over her behavior at court he scolded her for being a public scandal and "entering too freely into the entertainments in her majesty's chamber" which were of questionable virtue. In reply she told him that her husband was well able to mind his business and she suggested that her brother do likewise.

As a result of her marriage, Elizabeth Browne was styled as Countess of Worcester on 15 April 1526. Her married name became Somerset.

She had ten children who survived to adulthood, including William Somerset, 3rd earl of Worcester, Francis Somerset, Charles Somerset, Thomas Somerset, Lady Anne Somerset, countess of Northumberland, Lady Eleanor Somerset, Lady Joan Somerset and Lady Lucy Somerset.